Excellentpastor.com is the website for The Center For Pastoral Excellence. CFPE invests and trains pastors in the US, Canada, and Europe.  Today’s pastor needs more than assignment—they need connection and community.  They need coaching and mentorships designed to be “there” for the pastor and his family.  The fundamental core value of this is CARE—the kind of deliberate actions and attitudes that create environments where pastors are valued, loved, accepted and empowered for the assignment they are given. Until they know the depth of our care as leaders, they will not engage with us for greater connection, training or communication.  We cannot assume that credentialing or even experience can fully prepare a pastor for the changing issues they will face both in the church and their communities.  A strategy that engages pastors and their spouses both personally and professionally is vital.

The vision for healthy churches begins with the development of healthy pastors and families who lead healthy communities of faith.  Those who lead others in matters of faith and life must be God-called, anointed and skilled in areas of ministry related assignment.  The assignment to pastor is both hard and rewarding. The role of pastor is different now than it has ever been and the challenges of today’s pastor demand more than ever our intentionality to train at the highest possible levels and engage leaders and pastors in conversations and practical application of principles that ensure excellence in the churches we lead and the communities we serve.

We hope that you will find things on this site that help you as a pastor.  Whatever you do for the Lord, do it with excellence and know there are people counting on you, praying for you and believing in you.